ReThinking the City

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Florian Riviere, French street artist and self-proclaimed urban-hacktivist will be doing a remote presentation discussing his projects that are perfectly executed tongue and cheek social commentary.

Jeff Thompson a landscape architect for Disney World. He has headed up the Mills-50 Mural project will discuss how the project got started, and what it is involved in keeping the project going. He will also discuss future murals.

Transportation engineer Jeff Arms will talk about the newly opened Orlando Urban Trail / Dinky Line and other projects he is working on to improved access and connectivity for bicycle riders and pedestrians as a staffer with the City of Orlando.

ReThinking the City is a program that is designed to create and continue dialogues that develop into innovative projects that enhance the community. The projects can start small with “do tanks” or develop into whatever is necessary to accomplish our goal.

Each month we bring in people from the community to give presentations about what they are doing in the community to make it better. We also have someone from another city give a remote presentation via Skype.