Coworking Memberships

AT THIS TIME (early November 2013), Urban ReThink does not have a physical location, we are exploring our options and seeking partnerships. Stay tuned for more information.

Urban ReThink provides the foundation, location, and connections to empower you. As a member you provide the passion, potential, and drive to fuel our community and region’s creative future. Join our cause by becoming a coworker or supporting member today!

Coworking at Urban ReThink

SO, WHY WORK HERE VERSUS A COFFEE SHOP, HOME, OR OFFICE? So many reasons, and here’s a few: We offer an engaging place to connect with clients and make new ones, our open floor plan, cool meeting rooms, your laundry piles that taunt you at home, our street entry/downtown location, the onsite cafe, our diverse supporters and the opportunities to collaborate with them.

  • Shared workspaces upstairs & downstairs during public hours
  • Website profile at
  • Access to the Urban ReThink business hub (copier/scanner/fax, secure Wi-Fi & server space)
  • Discounted rates for Urban ReThink room and space reservations ($10/hr. off commercial rate)
  • Guilt-free admission to public events
  • Coworking Visa - access to over 200 other coworking spaces 
  • IN THE WORKS...Featured listing and profile in the Urban ReThink online resource directory


MAIN SPIEL: Urban ReThink is a creative and collaborative hub located in Orlando's historic Thornton Park. By day, enterprising professionals in diverse fields from the arts to technology work in the space as Coworking Members. By night and on weekends, the community is welcomed with a “What will I discover today?”assortment of talks, workshops, and gatherings. Urban ReThink is part of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Urban Think Foundation which supports local educational, creative, and cultural opportunities in Orlando.

HOURS:UR is open Monday - Friday from 9a to 6:30p, Saturday from 10:30a to 4p, and closed on Sundays. Urban ReThink is available for rentals and events from 7a to 11p on weekdays, and 8a to midnight on weekends.

PAYMENT: Coworking membership is paid on a monthly basis, with payment due on the 1st of the month for the month ahead. You may pay by check, credit card, cash, or with PayPal (set it, and forget it). All payments are month to month, unless you want to use our mailing address under The Month Pro plan.

THE RESIDENT CREATIVE PROGRAM: Your good work = A free place to keep doing it. Resident Creatives are Urban ReThink Coworkers who give back in measurable ways to the Orlando community, in return for a sponsored Coworking membership. Coworkers may apply for the Resident Creative Program after 3 months of a Coworking membership.

WHAT ELSE?: Urban ReThink has a lot going on, and we think you’ll like joining in on the fun. In addition to housing the Coworking membership, here’s the full list of stuff we do.

·       We rent out the Conference Room, Garage, and Commons to companies and people who need meeting rooms, or a place to gather.

·       We produce the Urban ReThink Signature Series of events. These events recur monthly, and are on a wide range of topics, from urban planning to art to beer.

·       We partner with like-minded Central Florida community organizations and projects; from donating space for a meeting, to promoting their event on our Facebook, we’re always looking for fresh ideas to support.


How many Coworking members are there at UR? How do I guarantee a workspace?

Since we don’t contract our Coworkers, the number of Coworking members changes each month. We usually flex between 40 and 60 members, with, typically, no more than 15 Coworkers in the space each day.

So, is UR a public or private space?

We welcome potential new Coworkers by encouraging them to try the space out for free for 1 day to check out the vibe. Our Signature Series events are free to the public, and many of our community partner’s events are also public. Other than for those events, we’re a private place.

Hey, UR! It’s a little noisy in here right now.

Between our public events and rental service, there are usually a few hours each day where UR comes alive. We send our Coworkers a weekly email, detailing when the Commons is rented out, so you know what to expect. We try to only book events that we think you’d enjoy attending, or might gain some personal or professional insight from, so, consider it your coffee break and meet some new people. But, if you’d rather not attend, see the UR Office about a $5.00 Starbucks gift card to work in our neighborhood ‘bucks until the event is over.

If the Conference Room/Garage/Commons isn’t in use, can I use it?

Sure! You’re welcome to set up for a normal workday in any area at UR that isn’t booked. If you’re hosting a meeting, or need to reserve an area, you should coordinate with the UR Office. Each Coworking membership gets different room reservation perks and discounts, and the Office will help you reserve and pay.  

What’s the Resident Creative Program? How do I become a Resident Creative?

Resident Creatives are Urban ReThink Coworkers who give back in measurable ways to the Orlando community, in return for a sponsored Coworking membership. Coworkers may apply for the Resident Creative Program after 3 months of a Coworking membership.

I have a friend who wants to support UR, but doesn’t need a workspace.

We offer a variety of Thinkerships for people who want to support UR and participate in programs, but don’t need a workspace. Visit to learn more. To directly give to The Urban Think Foundation’s Orlando based initiatives, visit

My company likes to give back to community nonprofits. How can I help them donate to UR?

We like them already. Urban ReThink accepts both general donations to the general operating fund, and program based donations, like sponsoring a Resident Creative, or sponsoring a Signature Series event. The Urban Think Foundation also accepts donations, and they’ll distribute the funds amongst the 3 UTF programs; visit to learn more.