The Time Space Continuum.

From a business plan that was shelved for just the right moment to book shelves that brightened and enlightened our community, Urban ReThink’s roots are in transformative pursuits.

2001 to 2009 – The Urban Think! Bookstore

For nearly a decade, Urban Think! was Orlando’s only independent bookstore--a hub for our region's literary community. Urban ReThink will continue to attract and inspire literary luminaries. 

2003 – The CCOMO Business Plan

In 2003, Urban ReThink’s Founding Director, Darren McDaniel, created a business plan for CCOMO: the Creative Consortium of Metro Orlando. The idea: Orlando’s a city built on creativity. Rather than trying to be the next Hollywood, why not be the first Orlando? CCOMO called for uniting creatives of every variety in a hub for them to gather, collaborate, showcase, and find inspiration. Much of the research for CCOMO was revisited for the Urban ReThink model.

2008 – The Urban Think! Foundation

Under the executive directorship of Julia Young, the nonprofit Urban Think! Foundation launched along with its pilot children’s literacy program, Page 15.  Through a program roster that now includes Burrow Press, the foundation supports educational programs, fosters community spirit, and facilitates creative opportunities for the Orlando community.

2009 - The Coworking Movement Gains Momentum

Freelance creative professionals are working in non traditional workspaces. Urban ReThink's structure reflects our community and our nation's emerging coworking trends.

2011 – Urban ReThink at 625 E. Central

In March, 2011, Urban ReThink opened a new chapter in Orlando's creative history in historic Thornton Park, operating as a shared workspace, cultural gathering place, and event rental provider. 

October 2013 – ReLocating

The story unfolds daily as the Urban ReThink community embarks on the next phase of the journey.