About Urban ReThink

A space that floods the gaps.

From a creative work environment (coworking) to a gathering place for evening events, Urban ReThink embraces a serious overflow of inspiration, new ideas, and ways of thinking.  We empower our community’s independent creative professionals to stimulate our minds and local economy.  Those traveling within the space are diverse. The like and non-alike minded from all walks of life bring Urban ReThink to life. Members and visitors can enjoy a sandwich or a cup of coffee in the onsite café. We also offer creative programming and resource information, rentable meeting rooms, and event space.

Creatives and enthusiasts can connect and collaborate. Local thinkers can showcase their endeavors. Visiting creatives can share their knowledge.  Hobbyists can explore their interests. And by supporting the space, we can all give back. Proceeds support the nonprofit Urban Think! Foundation’s programs, including the acclaimed children’s literacy program, Page 15. 

Visitors: if you have a membership in another participating space, you may work here through the CoworkingVisa program

More talk and more action.

Urban ReThink is grounded in research. Our space speaks to the shift in how independent professionals are making work truly work. Independent creative professionals seek to remain flexible while collaborating and working in non-traditional spaces. What’s often missing is the balance of structure and resources to help our professionals thrive and succeed in these settings. Urban ReThink provides this balance in a welcoming and inspiring environment.

All together now. 

Urban ReThink’s coworkers and members nurture each other to further enhance the purpose of the space and the possibilities that develop within it. The community further nurtures the experience by also being engaged and supportive, economically, intellectually, and intrinsically.

We offer annual memberships and coworking as well as volunteer and sponsorship opportunities intended to collectively help our community celebrate creative thought, inspiration, and innovations.

You can get involved by:

A model with great bone structure.

Urban ReThink was originally the home of Orlando’s only independent bookstore, Urban Think!. As part of the non-profit Urban Think! Foundation, which also supports Page 15 and Burrow Press, we’ve broadened our creative reach and reinvented the space to meet the growing needs and desires of our city’s independent professionals and thinkers.

Urban ReThink is proud to be a non-traditional workspace and an innovative work in progress. Our team model magnificently smashes the mold--with collaborative-minded staff and volunteers who continue to work in their respective fields.

DARREN MCDANIEL/Founding Director

A strategist, sociologist, educator, entrepreneur, and hat-juggling creative, Darren has lived Urban ReThink for the entirety of his career. A Central Florida native, Darren received his bachelor’s degree in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University. He freelanced in film and video for two years before seeking refuge in graduate school. While earning his master’s in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi, Darren discovered his inner sociologist. He continued his studies as a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University, focusing on the intersection of work and occupations and social psychology. His dissertation examined the identities of Nashville’s striving freelance musicians and the consequences of operating in an “understructured” career.

Armed with theory, Darren returned to his creative side and his home state, writing/producing/directing the feature film, The Essence of Irwin and later founding Petentials.com, the Internet for Pets. Darren also serves joyfully as Course Director for Digital Storytelling at Full Sail University.

SHAINA ANDERSON/Operations Manager
Passionate about building community, Shaina Anderson came to Urban ReThink in January, 2013 as Operations Manager. A Central Florida native with a love for music, design, and the curious ways art connects us, Shaina brings experience in nonprofit management, event design and production, and business development through communication and marketing.
Shaina recently worked for the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, where she focused on membership communications, event and concert production, and marketing and public relations. Prior, Shaina worked for national women's retailer, Anthropologie, where she worked to create new customer service initiatives for global debut, and as Communications Director for local company, Big Wheel Provisions, where her work contributed to 3 international TV appearances, 4 cover-stories with local publications, and 1 national NPR spot, additionally developing countless high-end, full-scale events, including the acclaimed Outstanding in the Field. Experience with United Arts of Central Florida (Grants & Education Intern), The Orlando Opera (Development Intern), and Junior Achievement of Central Florida (Program Communication and Training), bring know-how of online marketing, grant review, and membership development. 
Contact SAnderson@UrbanReThink.com about becoming a Coworker, scheduling an event, or stopping by for a coffee, a chat, and a tour.
PAT GREENE/Special Projects and Programs

A conceptual artist, freelance writer, musician, and promoter; Pat is a project addict. He'a interested in considering the bigger picture versus specializing in one specific area. He attended Rollins College and is mostly an autodidact with lots of respect for teachers. He has spent over four years traveling to exotic places and continues to explore. 

Pat's writings have been published in the Brooklyn Rail, Detroit Metro Times, Orlando Weekly and the Daily Serving. He has shown his art at University of Florida, Rollins Cornell Art Museum, The Bemis Contemporary Art Center in Omaha, Maitland Art Center, and many other places.  He did a video installation on the Eastern Band Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina, and several other places.  He has lectured at the Cornell, Bemis and University of Central Florida. In 2004 he ran for mayor of Orlando as a write in candidate. His slogan was, "I don't want to talk about it."

He is talking about it now. He has big dreams for Orlando.

DINA MACK/Artist and Writer

As an artist and writer, Dina is exuberant about sharing her love of art, literature, plants, and all things sensory. Her studio is located within Mcrae Art Studios in beautiful Winter Park, Florida and she is the creator/leader of the workshop series Destination Journal.  Her work has been featured in publications such as Florida Design magazine, Smithsonian magazine, Suite 101.com, and on NPR. Dina’s full of 100% Romanian blood, is a native Ohioan, and sometimes does the “O-H” or the “I-O” arms-in-the-air thingy in honor of her alma mater, The Ohio State University.

RYAN PRICE/Rethinking Outreach

Ryan’s passion for IT is a means to unleash creative endeavors. He is an open source developer, community evangelist, and trend spotter who harnesses his experience in project management, web applications, and interactive design to build markets for businesses, and users for web sites. Ryan has implemented and maintained high-traffic websites such as PopSci.com, developed new sites with editorial workflows and user-generated content, consulted on Drupal best practices for custom module development, source control management, eCommerce and website administration. He tutors, consults and runs training programs for Drupal, PHP, Podcasting and Social Media and originally created the DrupalEasy.com blog.

His ability to grok business processes and workflows give him an edge in developing software solutions for users that focus on meeting their expectations and goals. In addition to running a network of podcasts and blogs relating to creative individuals, he also coordinates Florida Creatives, a group that engages artistic innovators to build a foundation of smart, resourceful professionals in Central Florida. He earned his BA in Digital Media: Internet and Interactive Systems for the University of Central Florida.

KIM BRITT/Sponsorship Coordinator

Anna adds her vast network of amazing and inspiring friends and associates to Urban ReThink's collaborative prowess. Her fine art, illustration and graphic design keep her creative side busy, while curating around the area helps feed her spirit of community. Anna hosts collide•scope, an event here at Urban ReThink on bi-monthly second Mondays, is on the curating committee for The Associates at the Orlando Museum of Art, and also co-curates the monthly art shows at Dandelion Communitea Cafe. She is a UCF alumna, an award-winning visual artist, and is currently working on writing and illustrating her first children's book and other projects.

STEPHEN MATHENY/Business Development Liaison
JULIA YOUNG/Executive Director of Urban Think Foundation

In addition to her work with Urban Rethink, Julia is the founder of its sister program, Page 15. When Julia would visit her grandmother in upstate New York as a child, she had the option to pick vegetables or read. The choice was easy for her, but her grandmother had one rule. You couldn’t give up on a book before you read to page 15. This is a tradition that continues to be honored in Page 15’s programs and among the Urban ReThink team. After all, every book deserves a chance.

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Urban ReThink is located in the heart of downtown Orlando's historic Thornton Park. Parking

Urban ReThink 625 E Central Blvd Orlando, FL, 32801

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